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Children's Easter Sunday Performance

Palm Sunday 9:45am -  Light breakfast and rehearsal of the Easter song, "Awesome God" & palm processional

Easter Sunday 9:00am - Special breakfast, immediately followed by rehearsal of "Awesome God"

Easter Sunday 10:30am - Easter Worship with "Awesome God" performance

'Awesome God'

Rehearsal Schedule

Children through 8th grade have been learning the song “Awesome God” during Sunday School to perform it on Easter Sunday!  Even if your child hasn’t yet had a chance to practice it with the rest of the kids, it’s a simple enough song that only a rehearsal or two will do the trick.


Formal rehearsals will be held before Worship on Palm Sunday (at 9:45am) and on Easter Sunday (at 9am), but run through the song a few times with your kids at home using the movie below!  We look forward to having the children and teens participate in Worship on Easter Sunday!

credit: “Awesome God” performed by Cedarmont Kids on “Cedarmont Worship for Kids, Vol. 2, 2005

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