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We are moving our children's ministry online!


With weekly videos, lessons, and live interactions with our teachers and pastors, kids will feel connected to church in an entirely new way! Just because we aren't in the same room doesn't mean we can't be together!


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Palm Sunday: April 5, 2020

Bible Story: Jesus' Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem

Hidden Treasure: Joy!

Discover JOY with our Palm Sunday video for kids! Gather a few simple items (listed below) to do the activities along with Jennifer, as we look for joy in our world and celebrate Jesus coming into Jerusalem with waving palms and joyful Hosannas!

Materials to gather before you start:

  • Construction Paper (green, or any color you like)

  • Marker(s)

  • Scissors

  • Tape or Glue

  • Stick

  • Rock(s)

Sunday School 4:5:20.png

Sunday, March 29

Bible Story: The Parable of Two Builders

Hidden Treasure: Faith Foundations

Today's story is about the foundation upon which we build our lives. A strong foundation of faith in God is like building a house on rock, which is illustrated by Jesus' parable of the two builders. Kids are invited to create their own "houses" out of cups and markers or legos (or whatever you have around the house) and test the foundations of rocks and soil.

Materials to gather before you start:

  • Legos or cups/markers (to make a "house")

  • A rock

  • Dry Soil or Sand

  • A bowl or basin

  • Water

Virtual Sunday School: Faith Foundations (3/29/20)

Sunday, March 22

Bible Story: Noah Builds an Ark and God Sends a Rainbow

Hidden Treasure: Looking for Signs of Hope

Materials to gather before you start:

  • Crayons/colored pencils/markers

  • Materials to make a rainbow (paper to draw & color, glue tissue paper, etc. For examples of rainbows, google "Make a paper rainbow")

  • Print-out of Prayer page: Today I Pray For...

This weekend's activity is to make a rainbow, a sign of God's hope, and hang it in your window. As others pass by your house, they will see the rainbow and be reminded of God's hope. And when you're out getting some fresh air (at a safe physical distance!), look at the windows in your neighbors' homes for their rainbows and be reminded of God's hope. 

Sunday, March 15

Bible Story: Peter Walks on Water (Link: StoryBible images in PDF)

Hidden Treasure: Trusting God when you're scared

Materials to gather before you start:

  • 1 Egg

  • Salt

  • 2 glasses of water

  • Crayons/pencils

Activity Pages Links (for varying age levels)

About our Children's Ministry

Even kids who don’t like traditional Sunday School

love our camp-like atmosphere with hands-on crafts, games, music, and videos! 

Bible-based Curriculum

With a new Bible story as the foundation for each Sunday’s activities, kids explore the stories, people, and message that ground our faith in Jesus and that lead them to discover how God can be an exciting part of their lives.


Relatable Messages

Activities and lessons are crafted with the everyday experiences of children in mind. Each Sunday, kids walk away having discovered a new and exciting way that God relates to their lives!


Interactive Activities

In our camp-like atmosphere, hands-on crafts, games, and music bring Bible stories alive!


Multimedia Environment

A state-of-the-art sound and projection system create an environment that keeps kids' attention while presenting materials in a way that is engaging.


Caring Teachers

Our experienced and professional teachers are invested in the faith development of your child and nurture their curiosity and discovery of God.

Each Sunday, kids begin with songs and games, then read a Bible story from the Children's StoryBible, watch a video of the story, do a hands-on activity, and close with more music and a prayer.

During the school year (September through May), children are dropped off in the Chapel before the start of 10:30am Worship. Our professional staff of teachers record any special needs or allergy information,

as well as contact info in case you need to be reached during your child's time with us.

At the conclusion of worship, children are released into the custody of the adult who dropped them off.

In the summertime (Memorial Day through Labor Day), childcare is offered for children of all ages in the childcare center.

Nurturing the spiritual and faith development of your child is the primary focus of our Children's Ministry program! We know that each moment they spend with us is special, so we make it count. If there is any way that I can support your family, please reach out - I would love to hear from you!

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