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In the beginning....


We're going on a safari through the Bible! Our first stop was the creation story from Genesis, and  we've been marking some of the major events and stories from both the Old and New Testaments since then, as children discover the foundational message of the Bible...from beginning to end!

Previously: After Jesus’ resurrection, the miracles just keep coming! Jesus appeared to his disciples and others numerous times. He ascended into heaven to be with God. Then he sent the Holy Spirit to be with us forever. Through these amazing accounts of the days that followed Easter, kids discovered that God is still with us through the presence of the risen Christ and the Holy Spirit.

This Sunday: Among the earliest followers of Christ was a man named Paul. But Paul didn’t always love and follow Jesus. In fact, his story starts out with a quest to kill people who did! But through a miraculous and blinding experience of God, Paul comes to understand that Jesus was the Messiah. Kids discover that no matter what’s gone on in their life, they can always turn to God.

Check back soon for next Sunday's safari stop!

All kids are welcome every Sunday at 10:30am in the Chapel.

Click here to watch the Saddleback Kids story of Peter Walking on Water!

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Roar! VBS theme song, "I'm Trusting You!"

About our Children's Ministry

Even kids who don’t like traditional Sunday School

love our camp-like atmosphere with hands-on crafts, games, music, and videos! 

Bible-based Curriculum

With a new Bible story as the foundation for each Sunday’s activities, kids explore the stories, people, and message that ground our faith in Jesus and that lead them to discover how God can be an exciting part of their lives.


Relatable Messages

Activities and lessons are crafted with the everyday experiences of children in mind. Each Sunday, kids walk away having discovered a new and exciting way that God relates to their lives!


Interactive Activities

In our camp-like atmosphere, hands-on crafts, games, and music bring Bible stories alive!


Multimedia Environment

A state-of-the-art sound and projection system create an environment that keeps kids' attention while presenting materials in a way that is engaging.


Caring Teachers

Our experienced and professional teachers are invested in the faith development of your child and nurture their curiosity and discovery of God.

Each Sunday, kids begin with songs and games, then read a Bible story from the Children's StoryBible, watch a video of the story, do a hands-on activity, and close with more music and a prayer.

During the school year (September through May), children are dropped off in the Chapel before the start of 10:30am Worship. Our professional staff of teachers record any special needs or allergy information,

as well as contact info in case you need to be reached during your child's time with us.

At the conclusion of worship, children are released into the custody of the adult who dropped them off.

In the summertime (Memorial Day through Labor Day), childcare is offered for children of all ages in the childcare center.

Nurturing the spiritual and faith development of your child is the primary focus of our Children's Ministry program! We know that each moment they spend with us is special, so we make it count. If there is any way that I can support your family, please reach out - I would love to hear from you!

 Pastor Jennifer

Pastor Jennifer Hrynyk can be reached at Jennifer@CommunityChurch.org.

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