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There's something for everyone at Community Church!

upcoming events

Whether you are interested in community service activities to help others, grow in your understanding through educational opportunities, or want to socialize with others, there's something going on at Community Church for people of all ages!

recent events

See the highlights of what our community has been up to!


Worship is the heart of Community Church! It’s an experience of the living God, through relevant messages that proclaim the Gospel, and is a time for connecting with God and other seekers. Worship is on Sundays at 10:30am - and you are welcome!

Children & Youth

We care about your kids, their faith, and their families! Find out more about our programs and events for children and teens.


Our Outreach Ministry is aimed at making a difference in the world as children of God! Hands-on opportunities for personal ministry and participation in our Church’s mission are available for children, teenagers, and adults to work side-by-side.

adult education

Through Bible study, special trips, and educational programs,

we believe that our faith grows stronger when we learn more about God's word and how it relates to our lives.​ Not only do our educational programs provide opportunities to learn and grow, but they're also fun ways to meet people and make new friends!

charity sale

The Annual Charity Sale is the main fundraiser for our Outreach events throughout the year, as all of the proceeds from the sales benefit charity and our Outreach programs. Sales are held annually in the fall, with donations collected from August 15 - October 15.