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Memorialize loved ones by making gifts for Easter flowers and music.

Remember loved ones by providing for special music and potted plants that worshippers will take home after the two indoor Easter worship services.

Fill out the information below to use a credit card to make your gift. You may also return the cut-sheet contained in the Newsletter to make a gift by check.


Dedications and gifts received by March 31 will be included in our publications.

Please note that the church incurs a fee for each online transaction (credit/debit cards = 2.9% + 0.30; ACH transfers = 1% +0.25). 

If you would like to increase the amount of your donation to assist with these fees, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! 

If you need assistance with your online donation, please contact our Financial Director, Linda Langstaff, at or call 973-379-5600, x.10.