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A partnership between Renaissance Church and
Community Congregational Church

Sponsor and collate relief kits for hurricane-affected areas


Sponsor hurricane relief kits! Kits are $50 each and are comprised of a 5-gallon bucket filled with items such as soap, sponges, detergent, brushes and gloves.

Use the form below or click here to sponsor kits. Checks made payable to "Community Congregational Church" for "Hurricane Relief" are also accepted in the Church Office or by mail.



Assemble kits with the purchased supplies from donations on Sunday, November 19 at 12:00pm. Items used for clean up (sponges, soap, gloves, etc) will be packed into 5 gallon buckets, sealed, and prepared for shipment to hurricane-devastated areas. Invite friends and bring the kids -- the more hands, the better!

Click here to register to volunteer!

Sponsor Hurricane Relief Kits

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