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“Don’t let what you can’t do 

stop you from doing what you can do.”

~ John Wooden

Pay Your Skills Forward!


“Life Skills Academy” is a new joint educational venture between Community Congregational Church and the Irvington Board of Education.


Instructors are being recruited for three teaching teams, each specializing in one of the following areas of the curriculum: 

  • Food Literacy: How to buy ingredients, order from a menu and cook healthy, balanced food.

  • Personal Finances: How to manage money wisely, control spending and build savings. 

  • Vocational Preparation: How to apply and interview for a job - and keep it!

Teaching Teams

  1. Will consist of 4 to 6 instructors with professional training and/or personal experience in their respective teaching topics;

  2. Will convene at the beginning of May to receive books/resources to guide their efforts. They will compile the teaching curriculum, establish teaching goals, and assign the various presentation/production functions;

  3. All subject matter should be aimed at the entry, minimum competency level; 

  4. Instructor attendance at all three sessions is not required, but preferred.

Program Particulars

  1. Dates & Schedule:

    1. Three Wednesday night sessions are scheduled - May 17, May 24 & June 14;

    2. Each night session is compromised of 3 workshops, dinner and snack time;

    3. Students arrive at the church by 5pm and leave by 8pm.

  2. Students:

    1. Are currently attending Irvington High School, or enrolled in an after-school program called Blue Knights Academy;

    2. Will earn educational credits towards graduation;

    3. Will be bussed to Community Church, accompanied by chaperones. 

Hospitality Teams

  1. Will consist of 2 to 4 volunteers who will arrange and provide dinner, snacks and drinks;

  2. Will have 2 volunteers who will assist with the organizational and administrative tasks associated with registering and hosting the students. 

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