• Johann Bosman

Weber's Ultimate Grilling (2019)

“Grilling, at its best and most elemental, is about simplicity: fire, food and the ease of the outdoors.”

What is the book about?

200 techniques, tips, and 125 recipes on how to grill hamburgers and hot dogs? No. It shows you how to grill various foods from the starter course through many different kinds of main courses (with sides), and all the way to dessert! Summer berry crostata anyone? 

Why do I think it's worth reading?

Humans tamed fire many thousands of years ago, actually it’s more like a million years ago, but the point is that you can too! Treat yourself - and your family and friends - to an adventure. Don’t just grill the obligatory summer fare this year! Expand your backyard menu! Try your hand at grilling things you thought you’d never get right on flames or coals, like pizza or buffalo wings! Or a whole fish or chicken. And yes, you can throw some veggies on, too. But what beats a strip steak in the end?

What do you think?

What would you grill that you thought you’d never “throw on the barbie?"  And what would be the best thing about it - that it tasted good, or that you surprised yourself by doing something you thought you’d never do?

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