A Quarter Here, a Dollar There...


This past weekend, we held our spring Rummage Sale here at Community Church. After months of collecting and sorting donations from the surrounding towns, church volunteers spent hours folding clothes, cleaning dishes, dusting furniture, testing electronics and arranging toys. All to be sold to the hundreds of buyers that frequented our Rummage Sale, looking for deals, steals, and treasures. And over $17,000 was raised for charity. In one day.


It always amazes me. Every single time. Just 25¢ for a belt, $3 for a pair of shoes, and yet, somehow, each time we hold the sale, these small amounts (that can often be counted in pennies) add up to a significant number - in this case, over $17,000. All of which will be donated to local charities and outreach projects. So, those quarters, dimes and dollars will provide meals, groceries and education initiatives for literally thousands of our neighbors, as we reach out to them in the name of God’s love.


I find it astounding that a quarter here and a dollar there can make such an impact. We don’t often think about how the little things add up, but they do - just like if we were to add up the number of hours that volunteers put into setting up for the sale. That would also be an overwhelming number. But everyone does their part, so the burden is shared. Many hands make light work, after all. 


So thank you - to every person who lent a hand, who made a donation, who made a purchase. Because, individually, these actions are small. But collectively? They clearly have significant impact in the world. And maybe, somewhere down the line, someone else will be inspired to help another person, to lend a hand, to do something small that will, in turn, inspire someone else.  


And you don’t have to wait until the next Rummage Sale to make a difference - imagine the impact that we can have when we all work together to make the world a better place. Don’t underestimate the power that a “quarter here and a dollar there” can have - because when we add it all up, we can change the world in the name of God’s love, one simple action at a time.


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