"The Trickle of Time"

February 22, 2017

What will you do with your life this year?  Your 2017 hourglass is, by the grace of God, filled with the sands of 12 months of time.  Well, by now it is already down to more or less 11 months of sand, since time also flies.


Will you take time this year to read some of the books you’ve been buying or downloading steadily, or got for Christmas, but only glanced at so far?  Or will you spend time hiking with your spouse because you know it will really please her? Or might you eat less this year since you are, after all ,not getting any younger?!  Or might you schedule more time to unwind and relax this year, and worry less about material things or things outside of your control?  Just how much did you add to your life last year by all the worrying you did? Jesus asked this first, in so many words, back around the year 30!


The big problem I see with new year’s resolutions, like with most plans we devise, is that life (quietly) happens while we’re making them.  As John Lennon put it: Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. While we’re looking down the pike, planning, scheduling and arranging upcoming trips, events and projects, today’s hours have come and gone, and the opportunity to do something with it has slipped through the proverbial cracks. 


What will you do most with your time this year? May worrying - about life’s material things- not be it!  Rather, spend time relying on God, or discovering how to let God care for you and your loved ones.  Put your faith in God to guide you and your family to happiness and prosperity.  Trust that your ultimate outcome and legacy in life rests with God.


What will you do with your life’s trickling sands?  



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