Taking a Different Crack at Things!

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  Back in 1840, when this expression first appeared in print, it may not have offended cat or animal lovers. Today it will, or should. Surely there are less gruesome ways of explaining that problems generally have multiple solutions, for example, “there’s more than one way to cook (or crack) an egg."


Of course, if you’re happy with the way you cook eggs, and the way you typically solve a particular problem or go about life in general, you may not even be aware of alternative ways.  That’s too bad. What if there are “new” solutions or opportunities in existence that may actually serve your best interest even better? But if we stick mostly to the familiar ways just because they’re familiar, how would new life be breathed into our bones?


So how about taking a different crack at things? If you keep arguing with a loved one over the same topic(s), they’re clearly not getting resolved. So come in for a confidential consultation -  alone or together - and explore ways to restore your rapport. If you’d like to give back, or pay it forward, because you’re grateful for how God has led and blessed you during your life, come in to see us in the office and explore ways to give that will make you feel content.  


If you pray a certain way, or not; if you read the Bible a certain way, or not; if you are stuck on a question about God or faith, then don’t only settle for your typical, familiar approaches. “Come to me,” says Jesus, “all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” So come. You may discover new ways to hope, live and love - and new peace of mind.

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