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“If we love each other,

God lives in us, and God’s love

is brought to full expression in us.“

From 1 John 4:12

Community Church is supporting a sister church in Ukraine

Our church has the opportunity to support a sister church in Ukraine. Through our contact with the priest, we are learning of their immediate needs, and how we can help them. Below are ways you can be a part of this effort.

(The identity of the church is being withheld because of concerns for the safety of the members and clergy in this time of conflict.)

We can do more!

Since the start of the war, we’ve prayed for Ukraine during worship. And prayed for peace.

Now we can do more: Send money for food and supplies directly to the members of the congregation living in a war zone.

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Candles lit on the Sundays for Ukraine

How can I Support this Ministry?

A donation of $25 will provide a few days-worth of food per person, and every increment of $25 you give will therefore provide for more people.

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Send or drop off a check at the Church Office:

- Address: 200 Hartshorn Drive, Short Hills, NJ 07078

- Make checks payable to "Community Congregational Church,"

with "Ukraine" in the memo.


Venmo us at: @communitychurchshorthills


Credit Card payment: 

Thank you for your gifts - 

and ongoing prayers for peace!

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Please note that the church incurs a fee for each online transaction (credit/debit cards = 2.9% + 0.30; ACH transfers = 1% +0.25). 

If you would like to increase the amount of your donation to assist with these fees, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! 

If you need assistance with your online donation, please contact our Financial Director, Linda Langstaff, at or call 973-379-5600, x.10.

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